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I used a pair of Hilltopers to put VT on 6M SSB for the first time from the 
top of Mt. Equinox in 1961 and again in 63. A generator, 20A, HB TX and RX 
converter and a HQ-129X the first time; all of 15W. I worked out to the 
midwest on the morning meteors the 2 days I was there and some Es down the 
coast. The 2nd trip was during the Sept VHF contest and the RX was a 2B and 
power up to 120W from a HB 5894. Those little antennas really suprised me 
and they were so easy to snap together. I bought them right from Henry at 
his shop.

I also ran the Saturn 6 for regular AM mobile.


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> Dave & Fellow TTers;
> Not only do I have a data sheet and install instrucitons for the Saturn 6, 
> but I watched my own being made.
> Dave, I will scan them and email it to you off-list.
> In an old chicken coop behind his house on Lunenburg Fitchburg, MA, 
> Henry, W1NEV, ran Hi-Par Antennas. He made the intergalactically famous 
> Saturn 6, a single large loop 6M, a 2M multi-loop device, plus numerous 2 
> & 6 M yagis (the famous "Hilltoppers"). Also MUZAK antennas for businesses 
> and other misc. antennas. I remember there being an old Gonset Gooney Box 
> on a shelf above the desk in his office, but it was always quiet as 2M AM 
> was pretty dead then. He did a land office buiness in 2M ground planes and 
> gain veticals like his locally famous "Big Ear" when the 2M FM boom 
> started.  Sadly Henry passed away quite some time ago, the house, barn and 
> chicken coop torn down(there should have been a monument erected) and 
> progress reared its ugly head in the form of the local Honda car 
> dealership. Every time I drive by that spot I remember standing in the 
> chicken coop and watching Henry run Al tubing through the jigs to make my 
> Saturn 6.
> Barry - W1HFN
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