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[TowerTalk] EME system FS

Subject: [TowerTalk] EME system FS
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 10:32:29 EDT
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Steve     K7LXC
>  Aloha to all:

I have a second tower package offering to  PNW area.

This is a rotating 60 foot Rohn 45 tower, with a complete 2  place 4 
point 5/8" PhilliStrand guy kit, about 700 feet of guy, all  pottings, 
Raytheon swing bearings and Siemens 0.1 Deg absolute resolution  base 
positioner and stand alone, with RS 232 controller which may be also  
programmed or PC control. If the interested party wants elevation  
control also, there is a Giovanni 0- 180 degree elevation positioner  
available for the top of this tower, it accepts a 4" through boom and  
has a resolve of better that 0.05 degrees, internal 2100 point stepper,  
1/2 horsepower.

This tower will hold at 100 mph rating, over 70  square feet and 4000 
lbs. vertical thrust as designed. Rotation speed is  adjustable from 
about 0.3 to about 1 rpm, the elevation system max 0-90  degrees is 20 
seconds, beefy and fast enough to track airbourne objects as  this was 
it's original function.

I will ask $7k for whole package, or  tower with azimuth for $5k and 
elevation positioner $2.5k. Prices are firm,  no toys here.

Again I can assist with delivery and setup, as I have all  hydraulics 
including powered jin poles. It is still erected if buyer wants a  
display before purchase, I can put it all on the ground in under 2  hours.

Jeremy w7eme
_oaxaca@oregoncoast.com_ ( 

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