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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Inverted L for 160 Meters
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Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 15:15:22 -0500
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The back yard lot is 50 ft deep going from the house to the property edge
south to north. The antenna goes up over the pool into the tree.

The 2 radials run east and west (1 each way). The lot is 300 feet wide :-)

Simple and easy. Works very FB!

Tim K3LR

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Tim, K3LR, wrote:


Ø  The radials are laid on the ground. They self bury after a few months.


(Tim) I?m still curious about how you creatively ran the two 132ft radials
on what I believe you initially said was a 50ft deep lot J


(Chet) My Inverted L is #14 insulated wire that runs vertically for about
30ft at a tree and then through a pulley and out the rest of the distance
with the end only 20ft off the ground.  I do have 4 full sized semi-elevated
radials that kinda-sorta zig-zag a bit through small trees and along part of
one of the rows of vines in a small vineyard.  Never could get the SWR below
4:1, so ran 50ft of RG8X (with a typical RF choke at the base) inside a
bedroom window to a tuner.  From there, I ?temporarily? have 100ft of RG8X
coax running through the house to where the rig is located.  This has only
possible because I am still ?in-between? XYL?s J 


My biggest 160m thrill from the ?Left Coast? was working D4B on 160m SSB.
What a set of ears on his end since AL was only 3/3 here!!!


Tnx & 73?


Rick, K6VVA * The Locust



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