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[TowerTalk] HAZER guying

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HAZER guying
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Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 19:03:00 -0400
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Use rohn 25 platform for small tower using hazer.
My guys = rohns specs.

I have to make (or purchase) a plate which allows the hazer to pass the 1st set 
of guys when
hazer is going up. (a temporary set will be attached when guys are disconnected 
for the critics) I am
learning disabled and am in need of advice.

The closest thing I found was using a standard rotor plate, which U bolts to 
the 3 legs.

The portion of the Ubolt outside the tower leg will not allow the hazer to 
pass, creating a need for
an internal guy wire attachment point. This was a very close breakthrough 
though, real close.

We all know that generally, attaching guys to the bracing is undesireable, what 
is better is attach around the leg
and bracings at the corner, or even better is to use rohns guy wire attachement 
system (external)

Have to work with what I have-

Thought about a internal triangular compression plate that looks like a 
triangle that equilaterally tightens against all three legs (thus using the 
legs as
stabilizing forces, and then ubolting the contraption to the inside bracing.) 
does such a thing exist? I wont drill in tower legs though.
(no outside ubolts here)

Thought about welding (Im a welder) a plate that does not protrude beyond the 
outer circumference of the leg tubing diameter
to the flat portion of the inside bracing and inside tower legs (concerned 
about welding weakening the tower here) This relys on
six welds
Thought about making (not welding) a plate which ubolts to bracing (bolts wont 
pass beyond outer circumference here)
(still using bracing, not tower legs) This relys on six welds

Thought about taking extra cable, tying off each of 3 guys attached to two or 3 
horizontal braces (each taking half the load)
and clamping the cable in such a way so when it supports, it supports 3 braces 
(practically the tower at this point)
(this is rather complex to make, requiring precision adjustment of lengths) 
This relys on 12 or 18 welds

Of all of these, the easiest is to make the not welding plate, but I would be 
estatic if someone knew of a design or
something made for a single 3 way guy point.

By the way, for the top, I have rohns guying fixture. Its the halfway point 
that we are trying to get at.
or KE2BP


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