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[TowerTalk] Help with identifying a Hy-Gain beam

Subject: [TowerTalk] Help with identifying a Hy-Gain beam
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 18:12:16 EDT
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I have a 5 element, 10 trap, 18 foot boom  tri-band beam made by hy-gain that 
I am unable to identify the model of. Tom of  hy-gain thinks the beam 
predates the present company. Of the five  elements:

two elements contain 8 traps  (4 on each element)
one  element contains 2 traps  (1 on each half)
two other elements have no  traps, and of the two, one element consists of 
two sections that are adjustable,  the other element is made up of three 
sections that are adjustable.

I  would like to identify the beam and also find out if anyone has any 
printed info  on it, I would be happy to pay for any copies of printed 

73,  Bob K6OSM
Mccall, Idaho  

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