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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 21:24:37 -0500
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How long would you want to expect to be in a home to justify the expense of a 
tower install versus other antennas?

I have a small backyard (70' x 100' roughly) with three trees in/around it that 
are no good for dipoles or other wire antennas, but enough room to squeeze a 
tower between them.  I also have a Hy-Gain AV640 ready to go up for 30/40 meter 
coverage, and a roughly 20' tall, foldover support (4" OD/3.5" ID diameter pipe 
on lower section) to get that vertical up a bit, which allegedly helps the 

Due to health issues (someone else's) I have access to a free Glen Martin 50', 
18" on a side tower/hazer and Mosley TA-53M.  My xyl wants the guy-wires 
elevated, and I live on top of limestone.  Short story: to put this up, I'm 
looking (with coax, new rotor cable, etc) at about $2500, another $1000 if I 
want to push it to 60' (which with the trees I might).

Now my wife is talking about moving in two to five years...

Would you guys put up a tower if you thought you'd be moving in that 
time-frame, or settle for a vertical?  I may just sell the NIB AV640 and put up 
a Big Steppir vertical instead...I couldn't lay down 66' radials, or many that 
long, but I could have most longer than 35 feet, so 80 might be OK.  From all I 
read, lay down 180 radials or so and I'd likely have a much better performer 
out of the Big Steppir vertical than the 3/8 wave Hy-Gain.

I know this is slightly off-topic, but it is tower-related.  WIth the small 
yard the guyed tower is not optimal, of course.  The AN Wireless 
self-supporting towers look much more attractive and while needing more 
concrete, don't need the concrete for guy supports, more phillystran, etc.

Advice is warmly welcomed and accepted.  This is not going to be a contest 
station--ever--but a relaxing improvement over my mobile set up (where I worked 
3B7C on 40, barefoot...).  For contests I'm part of the stable at K5GO.

FYI, the free tower belongs to my dad, N0JT.  At 84 he has so much trouble 
getting up and down to and from the basement that he doesn't go on the air, and 
I am TRYING to convince him to let me move the rig/amp/rotor control into his 
bedroom.  Wish me luck...I'd rather seem him have a few weeks, months or years 
of pleasure than just give it to me because of the stairs.  But OTs can be 
stubborn, right?

Art, KC2G

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