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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] advice sought
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Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 20:58:39 -0700
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Art, would I put up tower with a two to five year moving timeframe? Yes, in
a heartbeat. Two to five years is a long time when you are getting older and
you can have a lot of fun in that time.  The cost for you would be the
concrete, not cheap but not much over 5 years.  Maybe you could bring your
Father over to work the station from time to time at your house, maybe he
would enjoy to visit you and work the station for a couple of hours.

If you have a passion for Ham Radio, then lifes to short not to enjoy the
hobby when you have the chance of running a great station.  I am sure your
Father would be really happy for you to have the tower and station, I know I
would, not much chance for me though with two completely uninterested girls.

Mike K6BR

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Art, 2-5 years is a long time. You are an accomplished and enthusiastic ham.
You need a tower and a yagi. I hope you have no problem with covenants or
local restrictions. If I were you, I would put up a self supporting tower,
fixed or crankup, and go for it. Meanwhile keep trying to get your dad on
the air from his bedroom if you think he would use the station under those
conditions. My opinion, 73 and GL, Dan, N5AR


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