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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 58, Issue 72
From: Donald Chester <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 00:23:13 +0000
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 Ken K4ZW wrote:

  "I own a 43 acre lot in Maine and was preparing to put up a few towers.  That 
was until this spring when I was contacted by a firm putting a wind farm on 
Stetson Mountain the next county over.  The power company wanted right of way 
on my property for the 115 KV transmission lines.  Long story short, the lines 
are not going on my property but will be about 50' off the back of the property 
line.  Yes there are a few people who have had no problems operating that close 
to HV lines.  In fact the firm in charge of engineering the project had a study 
done that said I would suffer no ill effects RFI wise from the lines.  Maybe so 
under ideal conditions but as others have related, that's often not the case.  
Also once the right of way is established, they can add new lines or increase 
the one already existing.
  Thankfully I had not started building yet so the lot is up for sale.  If 
everything were up already or it was my primary residence, I probably would 
have bit the bullet and stayed put.  I just see no reason to take a chance in 
this case.  Even if you listen for noise and the lines are clean now, there's 
no guarantee that's how they will behave long term."

There is a 115 kv  line running along the back of  my place, less than a 
quarter mile away.  I have  never had a problem with noise from it, but a 
couple of years ago they were proposing to run a new 500 kv line through here 
from another direction.  That one would not have touched my property, but would 
have been less than a half mile from here.  They finally decided to  run it 
through the other side of the county due to military helicopter traffic in this 
area.  Sounds like I dodged a bullet for sure, and that made me decide that the 
noise from those helicopters isn't so bad after all.

About 10 years ago they were proposing to re-route a major highway right 
through my property, but finally built it about a mile from here.  Not only 
would it have been noisy, it would have taken down my beverage as well as one 
of the supports for my 110' high dipole.

Hopefully no-one else any time soon will get the idea that they have a better 
use for my property than I do.

Don k4kyv
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