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[TowerTalk] Free Tower...almost, $1.00!

Subject: [TowerTalk] Free Tower...almost, $1.00!
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 16:36:17 EDT
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I think W0AIH is still out of the country but for you guys up in Wisconsin,  
Minnesota etc.
>From another reflector.  I know nothing about it.
For sale: 245'Rohn Model 65C 24" Face Standing in Beautiful SW
Wisconsin  ready to take down for $1.00
Tower is located on a bit of a hill but  accessible enough to remove.
Please contact me if you can remove by December  15, 2007
A new 36" tower was built at this site and care must be given to  not
harm the new tower, therefore a certificate of liability  insurance
will be required of the tower company/crew removing the tower.  Minimum
2 million coverage preferred. 
A light gin pole will be needed to  make this a safe dismantling job.
I have the drawings for the tower and I'll  try to put together a photo
group only to serious parties. Tower has line  ladders on two faces
half way up. At half way up point there is a New Torque  Arm that was
installed just 3 years ago. We will handle removal of old anchor  head
unless you specifically want them. Has inner and outer  anchors.
Everything goes as it stands. Cables, Turnbuckles, Beacon, Side  Lights.
There are NO antennas on this tower currently. Completely  bare.
Fine dining and Baymont hotel withing 3 miles good rates and good  food


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