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[TowerTalk] self supporting tower info needed

Subject: [TowerTalk] self supporting tower info needed
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 23:43:26 EDT
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I am new to the  list and would appreciate comment on an unassembled 
self-supporting tower that I  have. It came from Norton AFB and I believe it 
to Western Union. It is  80' high, three legged triangular with about 13' 
between legs. It consists of  nine 25' sections with a single 5' section on 
Made of very heavy gauge  galvanized pipe with all pieces marked. I have a 
diagram that shows some detail  but would like to know if anyone has seen a 
like this or presently has a  photo of a tower like this, or presently has any 
info on one.
It appears to  be only missing the ladder sections. The 5' stub at the top 
was apparently used  for microwave dishes and also has a flat surface for 
mounting large VHF/UHF  antennas. I would like to know how the ladder attached 
it would be helpful  to see a photo for reassembly.

Tnx for your help & time,
73 Bob  K6OSM  

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