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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Best climbing harnesses
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 23:26:34 EDT
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>  I bought my climbing belt with butt strap 30+ years  ago.  It was the best 
could find at the time.  Now there are  federal safety standards, and the
body harnesses have not just two D rings  on the waist but two more on the
butt strap, one of the back for fall  arrest, plus maybe another one on the
chest (why?).

    The chest one is to connect yourself to a tower  safety climb via a 
locking carabiner and cable trolley (it slides up the cable  and locks if 

>  Specific models are mentioned on  the reflector from time to time, but I
wonder if we could get a quick  series of posts of recommended harnesses,
fall arrest lanyards (one or two  pieces?), and positioning lanyards.  Steve,
K7LXC, sells one, and a  Google search will turn up lots more to the point of
being confusing.
    There are bunch of different lanyards for  different purposes. It's more 
a matter of choice but the choices can look  daunting.
    The positioning lanyard is the one that holds you  in working position. 
An adjustable is the best; the cheapest are the fixed  length rope ones. 
Ironworkers use a chain version with a big rebar (gorilla)  hook on it. It's a 
nut-cracker, if you know what I mean. 
    The other lanyard you need is the fall arrest  lanyard. There are rope 
ones, shock absorbing ones, one-tailed and two-tailed  versions. The choice is 
up to you. 

>  I don't know what a  double-lever activation snap is.  
    It's the hook at the end of the lanyard. There  are small snaps like on 
positioning lanyards, and then there's the ones with  big rebar hooks on the 
end. You have to grab 2 levers (double action)  instead of one to make it open. 
>  What's a capstan or mule operator?
    He's the guy on the ground running the capstan  winch(es) that run the 
ropes up and down for tower work.  

>  Even if a good system is $400, the cost is irrelevant in my  opinion.  It's
like the joke about no one on their deathbed saying  they wished they'd spent
more time at the office.  It's about  priorities, and not creating hams'

>  Specific  recommendations? 

         Most everyone these  days is buying a fall arrest harness ensemble - 
harness and positioning and fall  arrest lanyards. The least expensive set-up 
from Champion Radio is $170.00. 
        You climb the tower by  alternating your protection; e.g. positioning 
lanyard and FA lanyard in a  leapfroggy type method. If you have the 2-tailed 
FA lanyard, you can just  alternate it. It's a bunch of fooling around so 
it's slower but just get your  sequence and rhythm down and you'll be good to 
        BTW the only additional  thing I'd add would be a toolbag or two. I 
like one for tools and the other one  for parts. 
Steve      K7LXC
_www.championradio.com_ (  

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