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[TowerTalk] Climbing gear

Subject: [TowerTalk] Climbing gear
From: Henry <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 22:10:56 -0700
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I learned to climb towers from both an older ham (my Elmer) and a guy 
that worked for the power company. The ham taught me stuff the other guy 
was terrified to see me do. Since the power co guy did his climbing for 
a living and was governed by all kinds of safety rules, I followed his 
directions. I have 3 towers of my own (100ft) and climb several others 
for friends (150-250ft). I use a full body harness with a back D-ring 
that is integrated into a padded lineman's belt with side D-rings. I use 
a double positioning lanyard system for climbing,(flip it up with each 
step and put the second lanyard above obstructions like guy attachments 
before releasing the lower lanyard) like the power guy does and use a 
shock arresting lanyard for the safety attachment when I get to the 
working level. This way I am never un-attached and always have something 
to lean back against if I need a rest. Combine this with a couple of 
pouches for parts and tools and I am good to go. I also use a larger 
canvas bucket on a haul rope to get bigger things up and down. I NEVER 
climb with anything in my hands. I also clip on at the ground and 
un-clip when I get back down. A fall from 8 feet is worse than a fall 
from 180 feet. I might not die from the shorter fall.

In 15 years of climbing, I have had only one close call and that is in 
my mind every time I clip on to a tower.
Henry Gillow-Wiles

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