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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Shock Absorbing Lanyard
From: Sam Smith <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 16:50:43 -0700 (PDT)
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If your harness is 10 years old it should be in a museum. I don't think they're 
still compliant after that long.
Visit some pawn shops in your area. Tower hands are always pawning their belts. 
I've seen Exofits go for $200 with a fall arrest lanyard and pouches.

Sammy Smith

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Shock Absorbing Lanyard

"buy a lanyard with fall arrest, but the last time I priced them they cost as 
much as my whole harness did 10 years ago."

I'm always amazed at some folks who don't understand the bigger picture and the 
risks they take.
So for less than $200, you're willing to risk your life?

The reason OSHA specifies that a fall arrest attachment point must be capable 
of supporting a 5000 lb load 
is that a 300 pound body, when abruptly stopped at the end of a simple lanyard, 
will generate 5000 lbs of force.

Even if you're wearing a full body harness (and worse if only a belt) that 5000 
lbs of force will most likely kill you.

The shock absorbing lanyard (like a bungee cord) is designed to convert that 
force to about 500 lbs felt by the 

Coupled with a full body harness, which is designed to transmit those fall 
forces down onto the strongest bones in your
body, your hip bones, gives you the best chance to survive a fall arrest.

So being clipped on at all times is just part of the safety equation.   If you 
fall and are not wearing the proper equipment,
you may not touch the ground but you may just as well end up buried beneath it.

And, free climbing because you are strong and fit and run many miles is just 
fine, until........

the wasp bites you and you let go.......or....

until your leg cramps bad.....or

until something else totally unexpected happens.

Most folks don't fall because they wanted to nor did they expect to.

Phil Camera, KB9CRY

Lockport, IL


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