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Re: [TowerTalk] [DX-NEWS] how to do good cust. service

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] [DX-NEWS] how to do good cust. service
From: lmecseri -KE1F <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 16:52:12 -0400
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Charles is right. The practice served me well for 35 years in the 
service business.
I disarmed lots of customers just by listening to them and provide 
assurance of a solution to the problem..

Lou   KE1F    A Sony retiree.

Charles Harpole wrote:
> How to do good customer service,  GCS 101:
> -sympathize, especially if the customer appears reasonable.
> -offer immediate help and offer long term contact.
> --get the full details of the problem.
> -answer FULLY or promise fast "get back to u".
> -look for openings to encourage the customer to continue to purchase 
> ur product line... like "I love ur product, but right now I have a 
> problem..."
> -and most of all, if u are in the niche product business.... like ham 
> radio with a knowledgable customer base.... realize the implications 
> of that and act on it.  Ham radios have long lives;  it is great that 
> Mr. Mfg. builds them to last;  it is great that a ham will love a 
> radio enuf to keep it for 40 yrs--AND WE WILL-- and then Mr. Mfg. 
> recognize u r in this unique business of ham radio with these 
> characteristics and either live happily with that fact or change ur 
> target market.
> Remember that the appearance of willingness to help,at first, is as 
> important as the help that is then offered.  Or, read some books on 
> the topic of GCS 101.
> Charles Harpole
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