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Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 18:29:01 -0500
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I want to tell everyone what happened to me one day while on one of my 
towers.I'm a dairy farmer so many afternoons while every one else is at work 
I have some free time to do antenna work.I was going to go up and make sure 
everything was tight and do a little pre-winter stuff.Check rotor 
bolts,retape where needed and just do a once over on tower no.1.Its 70 feet 
of Rohn 25..I had heard that the bolts that hold together the sections can 
come loose but in my 26 years of tower onwership I have never seen that 
first hand.Grabbed my belt and for some reason I decided to put my hard hat 
on....thank God because when I got about 15 feet up something went zinging 
by me and then CRACK right on the top of my noodle another bolt fell of and 
wacked me in the head.I was glad I had the hard hat on,even though just the 
noise made me kinda dulled my senses for a bit till I figured out what 
happened.So also consider a hard hat,we all have a pile of bolts and stuff 
on the towers and the wind can vibrate them loose and then gravity does the 
rest.I don't know WHY I put it on that day,my wife said it was my tower 
angel who told me to.Gregg K9KL 


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