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Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 17:01:51 -0400
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> Looking for ideas on sweding, have  hyd 200 ton press. Like to swed 2 inch 
> to 1/2 inch Al tube.

I have a feeling you meant swaging and not sweding which has nothing to do 
with reducing tube diameter.<:-)) (seems like that used to be spelled 
swedging?) at any rate from 2" all the way down to 1/2" is more than is 
usually done due to a number of factors such as hardening, wall thickening, 
and a wrinkle free transition. OTOH, it's done in steps of maybe 1/8" at the 
larger diameter and progressivlely smaller steps as the diameter gets 
smaller (and the wall gets thicker and harder)

It would probably be much easier to roll it with slowly increasing pressure 
which works very well and is a much simpler process than extrusion. The 
tubing is just stuck end on between three rollers which are slowly brought 
closer together.

Although you can go from a diameter of 2" to 1" it's not often done where 
strength and life are both requirements.

The biggest problem with doing it in a press is being able to grip, or block 
the piece and particularly if  much of any length is involved.

Of course I made the assumption that you only wish to reduce a length at the 
end of the tube to have a smaller tube fit in.

Try using "swaging metallurg methods" in Google for pages of swaging 
methods. There's enough there to keep busy through many a cold night. <:-))


Roger (K8RI)
> Dan NN7J
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