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Re: [TowerTalk] 40-2CD

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] 40-2CD
From: K4SAV <>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 20:41:42 -0600
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I counted 66 turns on my XM240 coils. Maybe that's the reason I had a lot of trouble getting it to go low enough in frequency.

I would expect to see some kind of difference, either element length or coil turns, between the XM240 and 40-2CD. That U shaped support channel used on the XM240 significantly increases the effective diameter of the element, for the length of the channel.

Jerry, K4SAV

Doug Renwick wrote:

Historically it would be best to replace the self taping SS screw and
replace it with a bolt.  I drilled the hole through with a 5/32" bit,
and used a 6-32 x 1 1/4" SS bolt and filed the bolt flush to the surface
of the nut.  I put a #6 SS flat washer on the coil and a star washer at
the nut.

On my XM240 coils I counted 67 turns.  Some have reported counting 68
turns.  Does anyone know if there was a design change or was this a
difference between the 40-2CD and XM240?



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