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Re: [TowerTalk] PL-259 Voltage Breakdown

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In radio jargon, UHF has multiple meanings.  In the case of coaxial cable 
connectors, it means
"Universal High Frequency".
Thru the years, I have seen them used as amp HV connectors.  I bought a 
4-1000 chassis one time that had an SO-239 for connecting HV, but I replaced 
it with a Millen, and used TV CRT HV cable for the feed ... instead of  RG-8 
coax, which the original builder had used.  The coax worky worky, but ......
 73 - Mark, AA6DX
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Did you see this on Amphenol's website? I didn't search other mfgrs.


[image: UHF Connectors] Invented in the 1930's by an Amphenol engineer named
E. Clark Quackenbush, UHF coaxial connectors are general purpose units
developed for use in low frequency systems from 0.6 - 300 MHz. Invented for
use in the radio industry, UHF is an acronym for Ultra High Frequency
because at the time 300 MHz was considered high frequency.

UHF connectors feature a threaded coupling. Because these connectors are
low-cost, the impedance is variable.

Product Links
UHF Products<>
Features & Benefits

  Optional reducing adapters accommodate a wide range of popular coaxial
cables   Solder termination types require no special assembly tools   Crimp
termination types provide a lower cost installation method   Large-size
threaded coupling is rugged design   Non-demanding specifications and low


  Antennas Cable Assembly Low Frequency Applications  Public Address Systems 

UHF Specifications

 Impedance Non-constant Frequency Range 0 - 300 MHz Voltage Rating 500 volts
 Mating 5/8-24 threaded coupling Cable Affixment Braid solder, set screw,
clamp and crimp
 Male Contact Brass with silver plating Female Contact Beryllium copper with
silver plating Bodies Brass and die cast zinc Other Metal Parts Brass
Plating Nickel and silver Insulators TFE, copolymer of styrene, polystyrene,
mica-filled phenolic and PBT polyester or equivalent
 Temperature Range Mica-filled phenolic insulators: -55°C to +149°C
Copolymer of styrene and polystyrene: -55°C to +85°CTFE insulators: -65°C to
+165°C Weatherproof Except as noted, all UHF series are 
These characteristics are typical but may not apply to all connectors.

On 12/10/07, K6QD <> wrote:
> Does anyone know the voltage breakdown of a silver plated, Teflon
> insulated, PL-259?  Same for SO-239?  Doing a search, I get varying
> numbers.  Thanks, Mike
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