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[TowerTalk] question on thrust bearing

Subject: [TowerTalk] question on thrust bearing
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 22:08:47 EST
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I will be looking to add a cushcraft m5ab mini beam (35lbs, and 3.35sq 
windload) along with a 
yaesu g-450a rotor to my 7-40 universal aluminum tower.  Question is should I 
be concerned
with using a thrust bearing?  I wont be looking to add anything more later 
since I have a small
city lot and want to be nice to my neighbors. I currently only have a 2meter 
vertical on the tower now.
I guess I am asking do I really need a thrust bearing or not?  Any and all 
replies would be appreciated.
          Thanks mike kc8unr

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