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I'm oceanfront her (ocean 300'  to the West, Bay 350' to the East on the
southern tip of the island) and that is the reason I bought my SteppIR 3

Aluminum yagis required (still do) maintenance every 18-24 months here.
This ocean outside does a number on the joints, coax, and especially the
rotors.  My SteppIR has been up for over four years now (and through two
hurricanes) with no problems.  I check it periodically and the seals work as
they should.  Not so with my two A4S's and the 402CD.  I still need to
service them every 18-24 months.  Rotors last about 18-24 months as well.  I
just replaced two runs of coax that appeared to be well sealed, but the
SWR's kept getting better and better over a broad range, and sure enough the
ocean was eating 'em.

Get the SteppIR, best antenna I've ever used (and I've used most of them.)

Jon Hamlet, W4ZW

Casey Key Island, Florida
"A little piece of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"

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> Chet - I did a quick look at the StepperIr and am afraid to put up
> in the air here in South Louisiana.  We are about 30 miles from the Gulf
> Mexico with prevailing winds from the Gulf.  There is salt in the air.
> much, but, over time it takes its toll
> I understand that the little motors in the StepperIr are sealed, but I am
> a stage in life that this will, probably, be the last tower and beam I put
> up and do not want problems.
> I just fear putting up a bunch of little motor driven elements.
> I will seek out that report.  Thanks for that reference.
> Art K5FNQ

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