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Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 18:53:39 EST
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In a message dated 12/22/2007 9:02:20 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

>  I just joined this list and was wondering if there is access  to the list 
I am taking down a very old TH7DX and will be  replacing it and would like to 
peruse the archives as to a good  replacement.
Thinking of a KT36XA or a Force 12 or whatever else is now out  there.
    Congrats. Now you're a bonafide TowerTalkian with  all the privileges 
bestowed on members. 
    The searchable archives are at _www.contesting.com_ 
( . Check out the menu  buttons on the left towards 
the bottom and there 
they'll be. 
    For a pretty good tribander comparison, check out  the antenna comparison 
report available from _www.championradio.com_ ( 
. It's the only  on-the-air test comparing them to a dipole. 
Steve     K7LXC
Champion Radio Products
Cell: 206-890-4188


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