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[TowerTalk] A103 for A3WS WARC beam

Subject: [TowerTalk] A103 for A3WS WARC beam
From: joe barkley <>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 18:47:44 -0500
List-post: <>
Hi All,
I am thinking of adding the A103 to this A3WS I have before it goes up.
I can't find any reference to the parts involved and instructions to ad 
it on CC site
Is it the same as the A743? It looks like all I would need is 2 of the 
TK traps
which I have if that is the case and the assorted aluminium to join them.
I have lots of A3 series leftovers and would like to see if I can do it 
buying a new kit. If anyone had a PDF of the A103 30meter add on kit for 
the A3WS
I sure would like to have it. Any help is appreciated.

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