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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 15:03:10 +0000
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That is the real reason to get concrete delivered... rohn specs call for
3000# mix, this is easy if you tell the company that is what you need.  They
will have a standard mix that will give you the required strength.  Hand
mixing I wouldn't trust to be able to duplicate that, or to be consistent
throughout the pour.

David Robbins K1TTT
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> Thanks guys for all the answers.
> I sent a similar email to my local contest group (NTCC) and they are
> coming back with very much the same answers you guys are as
> well. So there is allot of confirmation to what everyone is saying.
> Looks like its nix on the inside box, just put her in the ground and make
> the top attractive.
> Looks like around 60 bags of concrete (just a *little* off of my guess of
> 10) would give me the 10% over that  many of the
> experienced guys are talking about.
> Now I am not sure where to rent a cement mixer.
> I will make some phone calls today.
> Everyone is telling me that I really dont want to mix the cement one bag
> at a time.
> Especially not 60 or so - 80 lb bags.
> One guy locally said after you get the bags of cement stacked at the tower
> location that it seems to be some law of physics that the
> weight of the bags at the top seems to drain into the bags at the bottom
> especially over night Hi Hi Hi so I might want to have some
> other way to do this rather than one bag at a time by myself.
> Which brings up another good question, what kind of concrete do I get, I
> just found out from a reply that there is more than one
> kind of concrete.
> Someone just told me there are different mixes and therefore different
> hardness's to concrete mix.
>  What kind of concrete do we buy for our tower purposes in Ham Radio?
> Tnx Bob AD5VJ
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