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Re: [TowerTalk] Possible rain soaked coax

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Possible rain soaked coax
From: John Hudson <>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 13:28:24 -0600
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Tom good luck, when I got licensed and of course no money to buy all the 
new coax I needed, I used the old coax that I had from 10 yrs earlier 
during the CB days...ok I'll take my 40 lashes for the CB days 
confession...but not being a real smart novice, I had the coax up the 
poles and tower with no sealant and it ran straight down thru the attic 
into a closet to the rigs..At some time I had an extra run coiled up and 
I kept seeing the carpet wet and finally found out that the water was 
running in thru the coax!!!! So much for that coax.

73 and GL


Tom Anderson wrote:
> Fellow (and lady) hams:
> In installing new more energy efficient windows at our
> home QTH in North Texas we had to remove the old
> window feed through (made by now out of business
> Lambda-Vector Company)and the cables were left
> outside, yes I forgot to seal them in plastic or
> something else.  Two runs of RG213 and one of 9913. 
> Any hope of saving them such as cutting off several
> feet at the former PL259 that led inside, or should I
> scrap the whole thing and just spent the $$$ for new
> RG213 and a run of LMR400?  I hope to save some of the
> 213 and 9913 to use for 
> Yes I messed up (40 lashes will be administered with a
> wet piece of 9913), but things were hectic around here
> with the window company. The windows were installed
> back in October and we're still fighting with the
> window company to correct things such as scratches on
> the painted frames, the kitchen window was installed
> crooked, the edges of several windows look like
> someone took a hammer to them and are so burred up
> that my XYL Cheryl (WY5H) actually cut her hand trying
> to raise one.
> I've since bought an MFJ window feed through (sure
> wish they had more than 3 SO239s feed throughs
> installed, maybe 5 or so)since I'm not a fan of twin
> lead (oh boy that'll start a discussion I know)and
> just waiting for the windows to be fixed before
> finally getting everything in order. 
> I don't want the window company somehow blaming my
> coax installation for all of the window problems.
> Now whenever I want to make a QSO I raise the window a
> few inches and run a new short piece of coax out to
> the old and use a barrel connector to tie them
> together.  
> Tom, WW5L
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