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[TowerTalk] MFJ vs Original HyGain

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Subject: [TowerTalk] MFJ vs Original HyGain
From: "Larry & Karen" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 14:33:11 -0600
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Personally, I wouldn't recommend the MFJ version of any HyGain original. A 
while back I bought a six element six meter yagi and a 5 element ten, both on 
eBay. Not having paid much for either although both were in excellent 
condition, the difference in the boom material was the first thing I noticed. 
It's much lighter than it used to be. When I put the six meter antenna together 
I used boom sections from an old TH6DXX which was beyond repair for a 
reasonable amount of money due to age. I did this because they were noticeably 
heavier (sturdier). Then I found the same thing to be true of the ten meter 
yagi as well. The other thing I have noticed is that the fit between sections 
of elements is not as good, plus, the hose clamps are just a bit chintzy as far 
as design basics go. The old HyGain clamps were far better. So now that I will 
be in the market come Spring for a tri-band yagi or a monobander for 15 or 20 won't be HyGain/MFJ. As far as the tri-band operation g
 oes....I'm leaning toward the 4 element Steppir. Yeah, I know, compromise and 
all that theory, but I have only one tower for these antennas so have to look 
at the overall picture. Hope this info helps steer you in the right direction.

Larry  K0IS

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