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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 17:14:31 -0600
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Hi, Bob.... I just poured 8 yards at $79/yd plus a $15 "fuel surcharge". I
am south of Houston. So for CONCRETE ALONE, this estimate is not too far off
for this part of the country. 

HOWEVER, your note said "WITH REBAR". Even if the guy threw in a few
unconnected random scraps, this estimate seems fishy. Like everything else
in a tower project there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. The
Rohn catalog, available for viewing on line, is a great source of
information. It will tell you how to build the rebar cage for the base AND
THE ANCHORS correctly. You are probably looking at another couple hundred
dollars or more if someone assembles rebar cages for a small tower for you.
Wire mesh won't cut it. 

Not to be overly critical but, as a previous reply suggested, you should not
approach this project in dribs and drabs. The sticks of tower are actually a
small part of the cost of a project like this. Spend the time doing some
research before putting it up. There are a couple of months of unpleasant
weather ahead of us... Use them for researching and planning, then put your
well-thought-out tower in the spring. You won't regret it later.

- Larry K5RK (ex-Wi5A)

P.S. Don't forget a good ground system.... It's more than one ground rod
next to the tower. 

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The last time I got it here I think it was like $65-75 per yard, but if you
don't get a full truck they charge extra for a short load because the driver
still has to spend the time to get there and back.  So the $200-300 is
probably in a reasonable range.

David Robbins K1TTT
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>  Yes I priced the contract delivery at a place named Burks Cement 
> Contracting and he said for 3 cubic yards of 3000# concrete with rebar 
> delivered would be around 200-300 dollars.
> Is that reasonable or should I continue to price it?
> Sounds high to me but I know nothing.
> I think I can get the Phillystran from WQ5J Tom Stack here locally I hope.
> Tnx Bob AD5VJ
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