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[TowerTalk] K2GL rotators, etc

Subject: [TowerTalk] K2GL rotators, etc
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2008 02:02:10 +0000 (GMT)
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Reviewing the photo documentation posted here of the 3501 rotor, that is NOT 
what we had
at K2GL.  Our's was much larger and, as I stated before, the gear(s) were UNDER 
the main
housing and included 3 shock-absorbers.  Perhaps Frank (LPL) has the correct 
number as
3503.  Obviously (to me) 3501 is wrong.

I have also received some inquires about the "To Win the World" movie and can 

1.  I have contacted the producer and seems like something may be happen for 
2008.  Either
simply more copies or (hopefully!) and updated version with some previously 
excluded out
takes.  The movie was professionally done and is narrated by Bill Leonard, 
W2SKE (SK).  For
those of you who don't know, Bill was VP at CBS News, a famous "announcer" on 
par with
Walter Cronkite, and was the author of the famous Sports Illustrated article on 

2.  The movie recorded one of only three "losses" at N2AA at K2GL.  In this 
one, we lost to 
W2PV (10.618M vs 10.399M...not that I remember such things).  The year was 1981 
and we
actually lost both modes to the PV crew.  The other loss was to N5AU, but I 
don't remember
the year.  Yes, that right, a "5" won M/M that year.

de Doug KR2Q


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