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[TowerTalk] Refurbish old beam instead of new beam

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Refurbish old beam instead of new beam
From: "Artmouton" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 16:57:43 -0600
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I had put out the request for suggestions on new beam to go on my 60' Rohn 
55 (base just installed).  After careful review, especially as to cost of 
new beam that is comparable or better than what I have, I have considered 
refurbishing my current beam as an alternative.

I have an old TH7DX that has been up at 80 feet for many years (kind of hard 
to remember just how long),

So, I am asking for suggestions as to what to expect to refurbish that one. 
Is there any "parts kit" from the manufacturer to order to replace certain 
parts that have probably gotten below specs? Or is it a take down and look 
see and order new parts?

Also - for the traps - is there concern to clean them out and, if so, how 
and with what?
Just wondering if this alternative has value considering the cost of new 

Is this worth it and will I have a new enough beam to put back up for 20 
more years or do I just not take a chance and buy a new one?
TIA & 73


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