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Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2008 21:57:43 +0000
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Thats is what its called on the wrapper.

Its manufactured by Plymouth (made in USA) and has catalog no. 2002.

Description.  A self-fusing rubber tape for waterproofing and insulating 
electrical connections.

This stuff is not cheap:  its 3/4inch wide .030 thick and 22ft long roll.  
Think it was about $8.00 at either Lowe's or Home Depot. I got this as I was 
almost out of my original roll of similar tape. The spool of tape has a liner 
to seperate each layer from the other (remember the self-fusing property stated 

I know 3M has a similar tape but did not see it on the shelf and do not know 
the number. (I am too lazy to look it up, I leave that part to you the reader). 
 I have even seen this type of tape in MIL-SPEC environments but ITS REALLY 

Hope this helps a few folks.

To keep your connectors clean of any tape residue I start wrapping electrical 
tape on the coax behind the connector an inch or two.  One or 2 wraps then I 
twist the tape so its now sticky side out and continue to overlap wrap the 
entire splice/conn then finish by again twistng tape to get sticky side in and 
then finish with couple wraps stick side in.  OK it s not for a water seal 

Now any the water sealing methods described can be performed REMEMBERING to 
begin the water proofing beyond the electrical tape directly on the coax or 

Years later the connectors will be as nice as new if there is no entrance of 
water in any form.

I have found that the liquid tape will crack in cold weather so if I use any of 
it I cover it with electrical tape after it is dry to protect if from the 
weather and sun.

Arne N7KA

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