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[TowerTalk] RG-58 Cable Preparation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RG-58 Cable Preparation
From: "Paul Christensen" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 09:14:54 -0500
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I am looking for input regarding the type of cable preparation tool should I 
should use to prepare RG-58 cable for installation of a PL-259 connector and 
UG-type reducer.  Actually, I will be using RG-400.  The mechanical 
specifications of RG-400 is identical to that of RG-58 but RG-400 uses a 
silver, dual braid shield and Teflon outer jacket.

For years, I have been using RG-400 and RG-142 cabling for all inside 
station interconnects, primarily due to its superior mechanical attributes. 
But, I have always manually prepared these cables using an X-Acto kvife and 
I will soon be preparing enough jumpers to justify the purchase of a special 
prep tool.

For the RG-58 class of cables with a 0.195" jacket, it appears the 
Cablematic UT5800 is the right tool for the job.  However, will this type of 
cable prep tool cut the cable in the proper first and second cut tiering to 
be used with the PL-259 & UG adapter?  Or, is it designed to prepare cable 
for use with crimped BNC connectors?  At nearly $50 for this tool, I want to 
ensure that I can use it to quickly prepare the cable for use with the 
PL-259 & UG adapter.

Secondly, I have standardized on the use of Amphenol 83-822 Silver/Nickel 
plate PL-259 connectors with Teflon insulator.  They're becoming difficult 
to source.  I do see that DX Engineering has a generic silver PL-259 (body & 
shell) and silver reducer for a reasonable price.  Anyone have any 
experiences to share?   Due to some past bad experiences, I am skeptical of 
all non-Amphenol PL connectors.


Paul, W9AC


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