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[TowerTalk] WD0M - hope you change your mind and decide to stay!

Subject: [TowerTalk] WD0M - hope you change your mind and decide to stay!
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 13:08:03 EST
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Hope you change your mind and decide to stay on TowerTalk.  I  don't feel 
this is a Politics driven reflector at all.  All reflectors have  a variety of 
softly related viewpoints that are expressed from time to  time.
I thought the information about the high costs of licensing in VK-land was  
interesting and helpful.  Now I'm extra thankful that I don't have to pay  any 
fees to keep my Callsign in the good old USA.  Of course, that could  change.  
For example, broadcast stations never had to pay an annual  users fee, and 
frequency spectrum wasn't auctioned to the highest bidder,  until Bill Clinton 
came to office.  Amazingly, the FCC does not get  hardly any of this money as 
it goes to the US Treasury's general fund.
If the annual cost of a Ham Radio license should ever cost as much in the  US 
as it does in VK-land (over $100/year) ... it would likely reduce the number  
of US hams greatly.  (perhaps 50% of more?)  Then we'd have  less and less 
friends to talk to on TowerTalk and on the ham bands.   So it's good for us to 
know this and to continue to try and communicate with our  politicians as to 
the usefullness of ham radio.
Best 73 ... and hope you stay with TowerTalk.
Dick- K9OM  
P.S.  As for Global Warming, I suspect we'll be hearing more and more  that 
it's also effecting communications and we may even hear that funds are  needed 
to determine what antennas can be designed to offset it's  effects.  

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