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[TowerTalk] Grounding loop no problem or is this a problem???

Subject: [TowerTalk] Grounding loop no problem or is this a problem???
From: Beat Meier <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 14:28:47 -0200
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I have my house which has a ground with 1 copper ground roads and now my 
which was new built and added to the house.
The house has a overvoltage protector (Merlin Gerin PF) and the Office too.
Now my question. The electrican has put a groung road more out of the office
and put the ground wire in the box with the protector and has wired also 
this ground IN THE HOUSE
to the other side with the protector there.
This new ground road IS NOT connected in the earth with the other 2 ones 
(which I think is bad what
I have read in this forum and articles, or did I misundestand?).
Something linke this:

House                                      Office

     Protector --------------- protecor           In the House
             |                                          |
             |                                          |
|                   Out the House
             |                                          |
   ground road                      ground road
BTW: This 2 ground roads are seperated only 5m

Now if I connect this ground road with the other one I have a ground 
loop as I unterstand. Is this a problem?
Is it better to remove this ground road (BTW: the resistance is 70ohm, 
where the other ground
has 10ohm!!)? If done so does the protector still protect ? Because
if there is a overvoltage in the office (say ligthning induction) the 
current goes through the whole
house and the cabeling path is far away from straight!!!
Othe strange this is that the ground road of the house is 1m from the 
house and from this ground
road is a copper cable which goes away from the house BUT at the end is 
no ground road.
Is this so ok or should I put in there also a ground road?
For information here where I live we have better results in vertical 
grounding than horizontal grounding.

Any ideas how to improve this earth???

Thanks a lot for any hints


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