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[TowerTalk] Interconnect grounds ???

Subject: [TowerTalk] Interconnect grounds ???
From: Beat Meier <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 15:05:38 -0200
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Hello again

I have read the big thread "Ground System" and have a question ok two 
I will put in the next few weeks my new 66m tower. The location is 60m 
away from the house.
The grounding system of the house is just opposite :-(
 From the tower there is no coax nor other cable which enteres in the house.
The only connection is the powerline. This power line is taken from the 
garage which is betwen the
house and the tower. The garage has a say not su good ground. There in 
are the washing machine
and a dryer machine.
Distance from the tower to the garage is 38m from the garage to the 
house 60m.

Now my question.
Should I connect the grounding system (there will be 2 or 3 radials away 
from the tower and away from the house)
only with the garage, with garage and the house or with nothing?
What copper thickness do I need for interconnect the grounds (35mm² or 
50mm² or can it be lower)?
What I have read in a book is 35mm² to interconnect ground roads but 
bounding the garage with the tower
is the same? Say can I use 16mm² cooper where I live is very expensive.

2. The ground radials should be 35mm² or 50mm²? Last but not least 
because I put at least 2 radials
(maybe I put 3) can I use a thinner one say 16mm² or does this be 
destroyed too early?

Thanks a lot for any help



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