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Subject: [TowerTalk] Install Suggestions
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 22:27:43 EST
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I am in the early planning stages for my next tower.
This time around I'm going to take K4XS's advice
(amongst others) and plant the first section in concrete.   
Assuming a base extending a foot or 2 above ground level has
me puzzled how to handle the next sections.
I'll be using a 20 foot mast.  Starting out with it already
inside the tower avoids some serious struggles up top.
However it also means starting out with 20 feet of tower
with the mast inside.  I'm not too clear on a safe way to
hoist 2 55G sections and mast vertical and onto the top
end of the base section.
In the past, it was no problem for me to hoist 2 25G
sections (and no mast) onto a pier pin base alone.
My first tower here was 55G.  2 of us were able to
walk up the first 20 feet (again, no mast) and set the base 
plater over a pier pin.
Somehow, 2 sections of 55G with 150 to 200 pounds of mast
inside has me worried.  Getting it vertical using another 2 sections
looks doable - but manhandling it up and onto the base seems
a bit tricky (every wonder why sections done want to fit at the
least opportune times?!?)
Aside from the obvious (crane) I'm wondering how you
may have approached this task.
In reality, a crane may be a lot safer leaving me
to rethink the installation sequence.
73, Bill

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