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Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 21:43:14 -0600
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Maybe the gods spared me, and maybe it was just more ice on the vertical.

SWR back to normal.

The reason I suspected water in the coax was that the roughly 5:1 SWR did 
not vary with frequency, and a lot of the ice, if not most of it, had come 
down already.

For the record, the coax is LMR400 that I bought from Burghardt. to seal those connections...

THanks for all the feedback.  I think I "lucked out" with a warning.


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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] water in coax wrote:
> OK...I did it...I kept saying, "I'll get some coax seal on that joint 
> when..."
> Well, the ice storm hit before "when" hit.
> Does Coax dry?  If not, is there a good way to figure out how deep the 
> water has wicked?
Not usually and it all depends.
If the leak is at the top of a run it'll migrate a 100 feet in just a
couple of days.  If on the level  it  varies a lot and it depends on the
type of coax. Bury flex? No problem. 9913? big problem.  If the far end
is flooded (not normally a  good idea) and well sealed the migration
could/might be quite slow.  IF you know there's water  in it,  the
easiest and most reliable is to just pitch it. I've had horizontal runs
of LMR 400 get nicked with very little migration. I think I mentioned a
few weeks back I had some 9913 get nicked/abraded. Two days after an ice
storm and warmer weather left me with water running out the other end
and this was through the braid.

If the connection (splice?  you didn't describe it) is taped  there
should be little problem. If it's N-connectors, there may not be a
problem. UHF? I don't even put them in temporary without tape. Coax
Seal. Never use it-don't like it. I normally just use  flooded heat
shrink tubing.

Good Luck es 73

 Roger (K8RI)
> Thanks!
> Art, KØRO

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