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Subject: [TowerTalk] AMP Fusion tape for sealing/waterproofing. DAVIS RF Co. input
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Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 21:21:19 -0500
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Regarding  AMP Fusion Tape, I prefer that to any other waterproofing (vs. 
moisture proof) tape or adhesive backed (water proof) heat shrink (usually only 
2/1 and 3/1), due to no heat required, no application before soldering or 
joining.   You can dispense with "marine electrical goop" (which needs overlaid 
wrap to avoid cracking from UV ...then the overlay wrap needs to be UV resist) 
or "sealing in mayonnaise jars", etc, etc.
Descriptive info from Dan Barnes (automotive engr):  "Heat-shrink tubing.. is 
limited to the sizes on hand, and can adjust to a limited range of diameters. 
Plus, it takes heat to install, which is not always desirable. Self-fusing tape 
achieves the ideal at which self-adhesive electrical tape aims.

With AMP Fusion self-fusing tape, there is no separate adhesive, so there can 
be no shmoo (edit: mess). The tape bonds to itself. My understanding is, 
polymer bonds are broken when the material is stretched. When it is wrapped 
around itself, it is just as easy to reform those bonds with the material in 
the adjacent layer of tape as within the original layer. Thus, the wrapping 
becomes a single, homogeneous mass. The result is almost like dipping the 
connection in plastic, but the process is dry, free of mess, and happens at 
room temperature. Removing it, if necessary, is just like removing any other 
insulation, since it sticks only to itself.  (edit:  Use a straight safety 
razor blade, or Exacto knife to cut a line down one side and peel off)."  end 

Contrary to some of the descrip's that suppliers indicate, this tape is more 
than "moisture proof".  AMP has assured me that it is "waterproof" (to no 
specified immersion depth) and my marine electrical  customers use it in 
bilges, etc., therein water (two overcoats vs. one, for low voltage  DC 
applications, but , for liability reasons, WARNING:  I must say that a user 
must obtain from AMP a written spec before submersion for any application and 
this spec from AMP does not exist at present..... bear with me gentlemen......, 
if I characterize its waterproof aspect by the marine guys' immersed use, then 
some CB'r (ham wannabe of course) monitoring TT will seal his barrel joint from 
his RG58 to RG217 with this tape, then lay the cable through his father's 
tropical fish pond, turn on the high amp alternators and 10 kW RF, causing a 
fish fry as well as executing the neighbors in their swimming pools).  HI 

Easy to use:  you just peel off the backing, stretch it and is NOT 
sticky or messy!  Simple instructions come with it from us.   You can find this 
fusion tape, and 3M33+ (flame/U.V. resistant electrical tape) on our web site 

     Hope this is of some help!

73,  Steve Davis, K1PEK     DAVIS RF Co.


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