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Re: [TowerTalk] AMP Fusion tape for sealing/waterproofing. DAVIS RF Co.

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] AMP Fusion tape for sealing/waterproofing. DAVIS RF Co. input
From: Terry <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 10:13:01 -0800
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I guess I'm a little dense.  If this tape "only sticks to itself" how 
does this create a waterproof and/or moisture proof package?  What's to 
stop moisture from migrating up under the tape at the junction with the 
substrate (coax, whatever)?

73 de Terry KK6T

Steve Davis -Davis RF Co. wrote:
> Regarding  AMP Fusion Tape, I prefer that to any other waterproofing (vs. 
> moisture proof) tape or adhesive backed (water proof) heat shrink (usually 
> only 2/1 and 3/1), due to no heat required, no application before soldering 
> or joining.   You can dispense with "marine electrical goop" (which needs 
> overlaid wrap to avoid cracking from UV ...then the overlay wrap needs to be 
> UV resist) or "sealing in mayonnaise jars", etc, etc.
> Descriptive info from Dan Barnes (automotive engr):  "Heat-shrink tubing.. is 
> limited to the sizes on hand, and can adjust to a limited range of diameters. 
> Plus, it takes heat to install, which is not always desirable. Self-fusing 
> tape achieves the ideal at which self-adhesive electrical tape aims.
> With AMP Fusion self-fusing tape, there is no separate adhesive, so there can 
> be no shmoo (edit: mess). The tape bonds to itself. My understanding is, 
> polymer bonds are broken when the material is stretched. When it is wrapped 
> around itself, it is just as easy to reform those bonds with the material in 
> the adjacent layer of tape as within the original layer. Thus, the wrapping 
> becomes a single, homogeneous mass. The result is almost like dipping the 
> connection in plastic, but the process is dry, free of mess, and happens at 
> room temperature. Removing it, if necessary, is just like removing any other 
> insulation, since it sticks only to itself.  (edit:  Use a straight safety 
> razor blade, or Exacto knife to cut a line down one side and peel off)."  end 
> quote
> Contrary to some of the descrip's that suppliers indicate, this tape is more 
> than "moisture proof".  AMP has assured me that it is "waterproof" (to no 
> specified immersion depth) and my marine electrical  customers use it in 
> bilges, etc., therein water (two overcoats vs. one, for low voltage  DC 
> applications, but , for liability reasons, WARNING:  I must say that a user 
> must obtain from AMP a written spec before submersion for any application and 
> this spec from AMP does not exist at present..... bear with me 
> gentlemen......, if I characterize its waterproof aspect by the marine guys' 
> immersed use, then some CB'r (ham wannabe of course) monitoring TT will seal 
> his barrel joint from his RG58 to RG217 with this tape, then lay the cable 
> through his father's tropical fish pond, turn on the high amp alternators and 
> 10 kW RF, causing a fish fry as well as executing the neighbors in their 
> swimming pools).  HI 
> Easy to use:  you just peel off the backing, stretch it and is 
> NOT sticky or messy!  Simple instructions come with it from us.   You can 
> find this fusion tape, and 3M33+ (flame/U.V. resistant electrical tape) on 
> our web site at
>      Hope this is of some help!
> 73,  Steve Davis, K1PEK     DAVIS RF Co. 
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