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[TowerTalk] Yaesu G-2800DXA in Rohn 25?

Subject: [TowerTalk] Yaesu G-2800DXA in Rohn 25?
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:19:06 +0000
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Well, We had another good "blow" a couple of weeks ago and I found my 3 el 
Steppir/40 freely windmilling.  I was able to rotate the antenna with the 
HamIV, but the brake no longer held for long.  Luckily I found one position 
(NE) that kept the antenna in place and I thought my troubles were minor.  
Unfortunately, when the weather abated this week I found the bolts holding the 
upper and lower castings together had all fallen out and the two castings had 
separated. I now have the mast fix-clamped with angle iron/U-bolts tied to the 
tower legs until I can get a replacement rotator.  It was too cold for fine 
work when I went up yesterday. 

I rebuilt this rotator a couple of years ago - new upper casting and I used 
blue Locktite on the bolts joining the two castings - torqued to 85 in/lbs per 
the manual.  The rotator had been up for years and I needed to replace the 
direction pot; thought I would do a general overhaul while I had it apart.

a) It is hard for me to believe a 3 ele Steppir is too much for a HamIV.  Have 
any other Steppir owners had a similar problem?  Perhaps the mass of the 
steppir motors at the end of the boom is too much for the Hygain design under 
really heavy wind.

b) The real question - does anyone know if a Yaesu 2800 will fit in Rohn 25?  
Any ideas what is the largest/toughest rotator that will?  I am getting sick 
of fiddling with rotators in the winter every couple of years.

Thanks much for your input / experience.


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