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[TowerTalk] New Tower

Subject: [TowerTalk] New Tower
From: "Jeff Carter" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 21:37:37 -0500
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Hello again all:

I'd like to thank everybody for their earlier help in the preliminaries of
my tower project.

Here's where I currently am: I just received approval from the county to
continue, which I thought was rather nice of them considering that I was
never able to acquire any of the engineering data for my Tri-Ex HZN-471.
It's just too old.  The folks who are still around and remember the tower
don't have anything on it anymore but memories.  I also found some Tri-Ex
towers with similar model numbers but they were very different from my
tower.  In all, I've spent a year trying to find and talk to everyone, and
it's all come to nothing in terms of actual paper.

In case you've forgotten, here are the pictures of the tower:

I have located a company to dig the foundation.  Once again, though, I find
myself a little bit at a loss on exactly how to proceed because I don't have
the drawings.  I may have to fall back on the idea of building "heavy" so
there is a margin of error.  What's the biggest tower base out there?  Extra
concrete, while expensive, is cheaper than this thing falling on my home.

Is there a "generic" tower base out there on the web that I might utilize?
Do any of you have towers with these "arms" on them like this one, and if
so, how much concrete do the arms require?

Thanks in advance,


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