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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New Tower
From: "Jeff Carter" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 23:21:52 -0500
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Well, I hadn't intended to guy it, since it's a crankup I thought I
could just crank it up and down pretty much at will.  It seems to me
that guy wires would get in the way of that.

>From reading TowerTalk, I got the impression that the big danger is
ground shear.  If that's the case, then these arms should give this
tower a tremendous amount of strength.

I have seen one crank up tower that was always left upright, and it
had been guyed, but it didn't have the arms like mine and it wasn't
nearly as heavily built in terms of the crosspieces.

Are you positive it's meant to be guyed?  I can't argue the point
because I don't have the drawings, but this is the first time anybody
said I'd have to guy it.  Guying it would also make the site I'd
chosen for it unusable, because of where the anchor points would have
to go.


To a first approximation, this is a guyed tower because of those heavy

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