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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New Antennas
From: K4SAV <>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 11:05:49 -0600
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Something like an XM240 at 65 feet will easily beat a four square or a 3 
element vertical.  The take-off angle of the XM240 will be slightly 
higher than the 4 square, but the XM240 will have more gain than the 4 
square at all angles.

You can probably get away with putting an 80/160 vertical in the center 
of a 40 meter 4 square, but there is one possibility that could mess it 
up. If the transmission line to the 80/160 antenna happens to look like 
an open stub on 40 (for example half wave on 40 with the far end open) 
then the unused 80/160 will resonate on 40 and destroy the 4 square 
pattern.  Avoid this situation and you should be OK.

Jerry, K4SAV

Tony Osman wrote:

>I have watched with great interest, all the debates that have taken 
>place on this reflector and now I have a question to pose to the many 
>knowledgeable people here.  I am looking to put up low band antennas 
>with the primary focus on Contesting and Dxing.  I do not have a huge 
>lot, but do have about 100ft by 200ft available that runs NE/SW in the 
>longer direction.  My first question is:  Which would be the better 
>array for 40m - four square or 3 element vertical array?  (My tower will 
>only be at 65ft and I think either of these arrays will be better than a 
>shorty 40m beam).  Second question: Would there be any ill-effect if I 
>put a centre element in the four square that is trapped for 80/160m.  
>Looking to have a 65ft vertical for 80m that is trapped at the top to 
>allow top loading via wires for 160m.  Distance from centre of all of 
>this would be approx 100ft from house.
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