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[TowerTalk] Has anyone ever done this...

Subject: [TowerTalk] Has anyone ever done this...
From: Nathaniel Lee <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 10:17:24 -0800 (PST)
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Hi All on TT,

I have a TH3Mk3 hygain tribander that is dangerously close to the scrap heap, 
and a thought
occurred, has anyone ever converted one of these to the WARC bands? I suspect 
that 10 MHZ may be
out of the question but the others certainly could use the cheap attention. If 
someone did this,
how was it done?

I hate to toss it considering that it gave me St Peter Island on 100w when the 
conveniently died facing South in New England. Especially when there was a 
large hill IMMEDIATELY
behind the house to the South.

One other completely unrelated thought was pulled from the clouds of 
sleepiness, I found that the
40m dipole was noisy and useless, while the 75 full size ground plane hanging 
off a tree was the
antenna of choice while working vp6dx on 40m in the wee hours, 10:20z. Thank 
the antenna gods for
the Dentron tuner to remove the mysteries beyond the ft857.I figured the "3db" 
gain would have
disappeared through the huge mismatch facing the system in general and be in 
the negative by
comparison. Why was this?

Thanks and 73 all,





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