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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] inverted L tower mounting
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 21:27:09 -0000
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Those towers are inevitably going to be a parasitic part of your 160m 
antenna system.  If you have a modeling capability you could look at it, or 
if like me you could just hang an inverted L up there and see how it works.

The apex of my quarterwave L is hung from a 55 ft tower on a 5 ft rope and 
runs out some 80 ft horizontal to a tree.  The base and feed point is on a 
fence post 20 ft from the tower.  So I have a 50 ft run at about 10 degrees 
off vertical.  The yard and pasture fences give me a year round impedance 
ground, and In winter I lay out a dozen or more radials.  I have no 
quantitative measure of performance but I seem to be competitive with other 
LP stations in my area.

good luck and 73, Jim w3cp

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Subject: [TowerTalk] inverted L tower mounting

>I want to upgrade antennas for 160m from my current inverted vee @ 115'. 
>I'd like to put up an inverted L to get some vertical plus horizontal 
>polarization for DX and domestic contesting. My situation is that the only 
>two supports that I have are towers. Most everything that I've read says 
>this doesn't work well, however I've seen some guys do it.
> I'd be interested from hearing from anyone who has had good luck mounting 
> a 160m inverted L on standoffs from a grounded steel tower. The guys are 
> broken up with insulators and I have 2 towers to choose from - 90' with 
> 10/15m yagis and 130' with 20/40m yagis. The towers are 110' feet apart.
> 73 / Tnx,
> Will AA4NC
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