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Subject: [TowerTalk] YAESU ROTATOR
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 00:21:08 EST
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Check the schematic, the indicator circuit is pretty basic using a 500 ohm  
remote sensing pot. and a milli-ampmeter.  I suspect that you induced  enough 
RF it the control cable (acts as an antenna) and that RF is rectified by  the 
meter circuit and causes the wild variation.  Further you may have  caused a 
diode in the DC meter supply circuit to fail and that is the problem  when not 
Solution, find the bad component in the control unit, and then add some RF  
chokes in the control cable.  Wrap about 5 turns of cable through a ferrite  
toroid, or some Ferrite Beads on the individual control cable wires at the  
control box.  A couple of .01's to chassis may solve the problem  also.
Norm W4QN

Fellow Tower  Talkers:

I have A Yaesu G-450XL Antenna Rotor.  I had no problems  with this unit
until recently.  After adding an Ameritron AL-811H  amplifier, while going
into a 160 Inverted L with 60 radials, the rotor  started going crazy.  The
overlap light is now permanently on red and  the indicator starts spinning
when the amp is transmitting.  The rotor  still turns when the switches are
depressed, but the indicator does not turn  indicating direction.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated, especially  those who repair Yaesu Rotors.

Thanks in advance!


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