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[TowerTalk] Orion OR-2300 Rotor

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Orion OR-2300 Rotor
From: "Scott McClements" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 15:42:56 -0500
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Hi All,

I recently picked up a used Orion OR2300 rotor that I want to put into
service. This is an older rotor from 1992, made by Orion Business
International, Inc.  I have some questions:

1. I have the owners manual for it, but its pretty thin. I need to
know what kind of jacks this things uses. I didn't get the middle
cable, so I need to make up a new cable with connectors. The manual
has Orion part numbers for these but doesn't say what they are. They
are like 3/4" diameter black plastic with 7 pins. Perhaps M2 Inc
handles these things? Maybe they could help me with my other

2. There is also a 8 pin jack on the controller - I think this is some
kind of DIN jack.  There is nothing in the "User's Manual" about this,
nor really the operating of the thing. I am guessing/hoping this might
be related to hooking to a PC?

Any other comments/insight you have about this model rotor would be
appreciated, esp. if you are using or have used one (no reviews on
eham, btw). Mine has a 28VAC motor. All it all it looks very heavy but
for some unknown reason the factory powder coating it basically
falling off it right now.

-Scott, WU2X

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