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[TowerTalk] hose clamps and end caps

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Subject: [TowerTalk] hose clamps and end caps
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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 07:11:20 -0600
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Having received such good assistance and info from this group, I am 
completing the cleaning of the Cushcraft A3 (w/ 40 meter addition) and am 
requesting further guidance from the group. The antenna is in great shape so 
is just being cleaned and Ideal Noalox being put on the joints.

I noticed that the prior owner had used a few non-stainless steel hose 
clamps - not good - one even had started to corrode the elements. I will be 
changing the non stainless ones and a few others that show problems
So the questions are:
1.  Do I just change all of the hose clamps?  Most of the good ones have 
stayed in great shape, screwed off easily and no real deterioration. Is it 
just good practice to change all of them, regardless of condition.  Found 
the stainless ones at Lowes - 2 for $1,40 or so.

2.  I noticed that the prior owner had "sealed" some of the hose clamps by 
putting some type of substance on the screw area to probably lock it in 
(more than protect it).  It was not on all of them and did not seem to make 
any difference in tightness of the clamps.  Is it necessary to seal the 
screw areas to keep them tight? If so, is there any suggested substance to 
use to accomplish this?

3. The end caps on the traps were all in good shape.  Some stiffness but 
they came off and went back on without trouble.  Is it just good practice to 
change all of them just to be sure?

I did take apart a few of the traps based on the recommendation and guidance 
from the list.  No real problems.  The coils on the traps are wound tightly 
around the center part of the trap and sealed.  The coils were all in 
perfect shape of those I opened.  Looks like they are very well made.

Hope to get it up on the tower soon.
Got DX to work....
73, Art K5FNQ


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