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Subject: [TowerTalk] Climbers needed
From: "Roger \(K8RI\)" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 03:18:47 -0500
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Some time back I asked if there were any professional tower climbers in the 
Midland MI area. Unfortunatel y due to illness (both me and the computers) I 
lost the answer of three different climbers that some one locally was kind 
enough to list.   I've searched the archives and come up with thousans of 
posts, but not the ones I'm looking for.

So at-any-rate, I apologize for asking again but I'm looking for some 
professional tower climbers in the Midland Michigan area.  The job is mainly 
removing and then reinstalling the antennas on top of my 45G.

I hope vto eventually get in good enough shape to go "up there" and stay 
long enough to get some useful work done, but for the time being if I'm 
going to get it done in a reasonable time it's going to get hired.

Most likely the first job will be to remove the tribander, 7L C3i 6-meter 
yagi, and the cross boom holding the pair of 12L 2-meter beams and the pair 
of 11L 440's.  I only need to replace the boom to mast clamps on the 144 and 
440 antennas with saddle clamps as well as the cross boom to mast clamp with 
two saddle clamps. the 7L C3i needs the boom to mast clamp redrilled to take 
a 2" saddle clamp instead of the 1 1/2" it's using now as well as replacing 
the tubular metal boom support with Phillystran and those antennas will be 
ready to go back up. The pigtails (currently LMR-400 UF) will be replaced 
with the Davis Bury flex.  I'm not sure if the tribander will be ready to go 
back up there or I'll put up an M-2 40M4LDD if I can find one. However I'm 
going to be waiting for warmer weather so I might be able to get one by 
then.  Seems as if I remember the users being pretty much satisfied with 
them. At-any-rate, the 7L c3i will be raised to 112 feet and mouned down on 
the 2" steel tube instead of just above it with the 144/440 array/cross boom 
at 120. Then the PST61 slid into place and wired up.  Actually it could be 
wired even before pulling it up there.

I have a heay duty ginpole, two ropes going to the top of the tower for 
raising tools and parts, and a tram line ready to install for the antennas. 
I have almost all the parts on hand at present with the rest on the way so 
*IF* the planning goes well it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. 
I can also provide plenty of knowledgeable ground help also known as go fers.

So that's pretty much the plans at present for when warmer weather arrives..
As it stands we may have to do it in two climbs.

Some may remember I was looking into going with a full size 3L on 40 and the 
tower could support it, but that's a bit much for me to handle at present.


Roger (K8RI) 


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