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Subject: [TowerTalk] Amerite vs. Rohn
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Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 15:06:21 -0500
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I know this is an old thread, but I'd like to help make a few things clear
for anyone who may interested. 


I work for American Tower Company located in Shelby, Ohio. The name Amerite
is a brand name and not the actual company name. I know there has been some
confusion in the past about us. Our company has been in business since 1953.
The company was originally started by CJ Wingart and Bill Ellis. Mr. Wingart
owned the company until he died. Mr. Wingart's family then sold the company
to the current owners Dave Wagner and Doug Schmidt in 2002. We are not
affiliated with the larger American Tower Corporation that puts up the huge
cell towers and leases land and we were never owned by Rohn. We strictly
manufacture residential and commercial towers, boat docks, and tube


Our oldest style of tower is called Special Series. The tower is made of
pre-galvanized steel, has the triangular rungs, and then electrostaticly
painted. This tower is still one of our major sellers and stock is always on
the floor. It was also known as Dill Tower at one point. It does not fit up
with any Rohn style. I've spoken to quite a few people over the last couple
of years that have had one of these towers up for over 40 years and are
still happy with the tower. The larger tower that is referenced below was
most likely our model 1810. It has an 18" face and is much more rugged than
residential tower.   


We started production of the Amerite 25 style in 2004. This tower is made
with the "Z" bracing and then galvanized. We noticed a fit up problem with
the pieces after they had been galvanized. To fix this problem and ensure a
much easier fit up, the legs have been reduced more. We have not had a
complaint since we changed this over. As for fitting up with other 25
styles, they should fit up directly. 


For more information on any of our towers, please visit our website at <> . Once there, you can find our
list of dealers for any replacement parts you may need. Tower sections are
always made daily and stocked for normal delivery within 2 weeks of an
order. More information and drawings will be made available throughout the



Arwen Dover

American Tower Co.

P.O. Box 29

Shelby, OH 44875

(419) 347-1185

Fax: (419) 347-1654



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[BULK] - [TowerTalk] Amerite vs. Rohn 

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Mon Jul 21 13:31:11 2003

I'm impressed the Amerite's been up since '62.  It was more similar to Rohn
model 6 than model 25 (the Rohn 6G used only tubular horizontal braces and
not the stronger, more torque-resistant Z-rod bracing of the 25G) and was
painted, not galvanized, so most of them rusted away by now....
I owned a few of the Amerites back in the early 70's, and don't believe the
legs/mounting are compatible with Rohn 25.
"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of
enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill
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>       Years ago a company called American Tower made a brand of 
> tower called AMERITE.  They had a model similar to Rohn 25 with 
> only the horizontal brace, it didn't have the "Z" brace. I think it was 
> called AMERITE 11,  There was also a larger model, similar to 
> Rohn 45.  This company was located in Ohio or Indiana and was 
> later purchased by Rohn.
>       I have a friend that has one of the old Amerite 11 towers that 
> has been up 60 feet since 1962.  He wants to take it down and 
> replace it with a new Rohn 25 tower.  Question is, does anyone 
> know if the new Rohn 25 will stack on the Amerite 11 base section 
> that is mounted in concrete.  He would like to stack the Rohn 25 
> using the orginal concrete base and not have to install a new tower 
> concrete base just for the Rohn.
> Bryan W5KFT



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