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[TowerTalk] Looking to put up some antennas in Bahamas out Islands.Which

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Looking to put up some antennas in Bahamas out Islands.Which antennas hold up to salt air better?
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Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 03:58:21 -0500
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Optibeam looks to be made with good solid connections. What other beams to look 
for Island use?
Any ideas out there? SteppIR maybe but not sure about that. I want to cover 10 
thru 20 and then anohter beam for 40 maybe 4El
then a 2El for 80. I guess optibeam makes beams for all of this maybe a 10 thru 
40 on same boom, don't know. Will have to see
what they have. A log might be some thing too like Tennadyne with a long boom.
Just checking things out what is out there that would hold up in the island 
salt air. 
That brings up another thing Towers used in the islands. Wonder how crankups 
would hold up, cables etc. maybe better with some 65G and go up 
just around 60ft for freestanding and maybe one set of guys. If I don't go to 
high I can run a antenna lift up and down it after I disconnect the one set of 
guys. I think 65G will freestand with no problem at 60ft. I don't have to be 
high since I will be right on the water of the Atlantic.
The 65G stuff is some tuff stuff. Im just thinking this stuff out.
List Your Equipment with Pictures.
Bradenton, Florida
West Coast Of Florida

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