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Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 07:56:58 +0200
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Thanks to Jim Brown, Bob, Kelly and Jim Lux for your responses to my
request. I appreciate you taking the time in assisting me.

I have read the Polyphaser document TD 1028 where they explained the issue
around cracked concrete bases due to the fact that the J Bolts take the role
of an earth spike and the water in the concrete become steam and causes

What I did not mention previously and from the answers I received from you
might play an important role is the fact that my tower is situated between 3
walls of my house. In a sort of an alley. The problem here is that I do not
have a lot of space for long lengths of ground trenches (Only about 3 meters
to the one side). That was one of the main reasons why I decided to start
with grounding below the concrete. 

I can put an earth spike about 1 meter from each of the 3 legs of the tower
but that would be the most I could do. That is basically why I thought of
putting 4 spikes below the concrete.

Thanks for the specifications on how far apart they should be. I will in any
case now look at a redesign based on your very well written feedback. 

I look forward to receiving any other information that would further assist
me and increase my knowledge on this subject. 

Thanks once again to all the people who send me feedback. I appreciate your

Marinus Willemstijn

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Grounding

Good Day 


I would like to get some input on 2 questions regarding tower grounding. I
have read the Polyphaser TD1016 but do not find clear answers


1)       Can the tower grounding system be put BELOW the tower BEFORE the
concrete is poured?

2)       What is the best configuration for this grounding - 4 rods with a
star configuration where one rod is put in the one corner with straps to
each of the rods in the other corners? Or just link the 4 rods up in a
square configuration? 


I am using 3mm x 20mm copper flat bar for connecting the rods.


Your input will be greatly appreciated





Marinus Willemstijn




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